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Do You Hear Noises Coming From Your Chimney Or Attic? 


Having Problems With Animals In And Around Your House Or Business?


If you answered yes, then help is just a phone call away, call the  humane animal removal specialists at Animal Removal Of Denver. We've been helping folks in Denver, Boulder and up and down  the front range of Colorado since 1982. 


Raccoon removal from attics, chimneys and roof  areas around your home or business, Learn More..

Squirrel removal from walls, attics, roof and chimney  areas,  Learn More...


Pigeons, and other annoying birds nesting In and around  your home or office? Learn More... 


Bats making themselves at home in your attics or out-buildings  Learn More... 



Jon and the staff,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your quick response to my raccoon problem.  Your serviceman Jon was able to move the raccoons from my attic in time for the reception at my home. Your a lifesaver!


Thanks very much,

M. Petruccione, Littleton


There are many reasons why using a professional animal control  company is necessary, including:


A dangerous or bothersome animal that comes too close for comfort  becomes an animal control problem. Animal Removal Of Denver's Specialists  can help eliminate your animal control problems and prevent them from returning. 


Did You Know? The term "rodent" comes from the Latin verb rodere (to gnaw). Rodents such as Squirrels are constantly gnawing on wood and electrical wiring because their teeth are continually growing. For instance, the gray squirrel's teeth grow a half a foot in length each year. Squirrels, have to chew and gnaw constantly to keep their teeth's length in check otherwise their teeth would grow too long - rendering the Squirrel unable to eat and thus starve to death. When you hear any noises coming from the attic you need to call in a professional to remove the problem.